How To Make Proffee

How To Make Proffee

Coffee is a beloved drink that’s long been touted for its energizing properties, tantalizing aroma, and rich flavor notes. Caffeine is the chemical in coffee responsible for waking us up and getting us through the day. 

Coffee is a healthy, naturally low-calorie drink despite current trends for creamy, sugary espresso drinks. However, there’s a new healthy coffee trend that’s taking over, and it’s called Proffee. Read on to learn about how to make Proffee and more.

What is Proffee?

As the name suggests, Proffee is a fusion of protein and coffee. Proffee is a simple yet powerful blend of standard brewed coffee enriched with a scoop or two of protein powder.

Various recipes, products, and methods used to make Proffee leave the drink open to customization. Proffee drinkers benefit from the caffeine and antioxidants in coffee and the filling, muscle-building protein powder.

Proffee enthusiasts claim that Proffee’s three main health benefits include:

  • Increased energy and mental focus
  • Protein supplement
  • Aids in weight loss

Proffee is thus reminiscent of an energy drink and protein shake blended into a tasty iced coffee drink.

A Glass of Proffee

Origin of Proffee

Proffee originated in 2022 on the popular social media platform TikTok, with its first preparation garnering millions of views. Proffee has received over 40 million views in less than a year, with countless wellness influencers swearing for its health benefits.

Hundreds of videos on TikTok now show health enthusiasts and everyday people making Proffee into a creamy and elaborate coffee-infused protein shake. Many TikTokers attribute their weight loss or muscle gains to their daily consumption of Proffee.

Experts are skeptical of such claims, although they don’t consider Proffee harmful in moderation.

Best Coffee to Make Proffee With?

Proffee drinkers like to use cold brew or espresso for a more affluent, caffeinated protein powder foundation. Cold brew and espresso shots have higher caffeine content than your average cup of drip coffee. Plus, they have a much stronger coffee flavor that either masks undesirable flavors in protein powders or shakes or pairs well with their bold dessert flavors.

If you have a Keurig or Nespresso, espresso is an easy option. A cold brew is a great option that has a longer shelf life. You could also purchase premade cold brew if you’d rather not make it yourself. 

There is no best coffee for Proffee as it relies more on personal preference and what kind of coffee machines and brands you use at home. Hot drip or French Press coffee are worthy alternatives to espresso or cold brew. 

Let regular coffee cool before pouring it over ice and combining it with your preferred protein powder or shake.

What Does it Taste Like?

Proffee’s taste depends entirely on the type of coffee and the type of protein powder used. Many TikTokers make elaborate coffee milkshakes a la frappuccino, sometimes going as far as to top it with foam, whipped cream, and syrup.

Protein powders come flavored and unflavored. Protein supplements also come in premade shake or powder form. Both forms entail a creamy base. Adding protein to coffee is like adding flavored milk.

Because Proffee is a creamy, dessert-flavored additive, Proffee tastes like a cold, flavored coffee. The most popular protein flavors to blend with the rich flavor of coffee are chocolate and vanilla.  

When is Proffee Best Consumed?

Proffee is best consumed either first thing in the morning or for post-workout consumption to maximize the benefits of caffeine and protein. 

A Women Drinking Proffee after workout

Protein is a vital macronutrient that aids in muscle repair and muscle building. It also aids in weight loss, keeping you fuller for longer and metabolizing into muscle mass instead of fat. 

Our metabolism is generally more active in the morning after fasting during the previous night’s slumber. That’s why the idea of breakfast being the day’s most important meal holds true. Thus, eating a protein-rich breakfast with a serving of caffeine will energize you, keep you full, and kickstart your metabolism.

Protein is the most critical macronutrient for muscle gain and repair, so Proffee is an incredibly beneficial drink after a hard workout. Consuming protein within 30 minutes of a workout is optimal for the fullest absorption and metabolism of protein to muscle mass.

How Many Calories Are in Proffee?

Proffee is a purported health drink, using 0-calorie coffee as a base for a protein-milk mixture. If the goal is to lose weight, Proffee should be a low-calorie beverage. If the goal is to gain muscle, Proffee could potentially be highly caloric.

A serving of 32 grams of Whey protein typically contains around 115 calories. A scoop of vegan protein powder can range between 120 and 190 calories for 35 grams of plant-based protein. Premade protein shakes tend to be the lowest-calorie option because they are premixed with milk.

The quantity of calories in Proffee depends on the type of protein you use and other additives like milk, sweeteners, syrups, and creamers. If protein shakes or powders contain added sugars, this will increase the overall calories in Proffee. 

Proffee recipes range from as little as 70 calories to as much as 200 calories. 

How Much Protein is Typically in a Cup of Proffee?

Whether you use plant-based, whey, or Collagen protein, most protein powders and shakes provide between 20-30 grams of protein per serving. One serving of protein powder is a 25-35 g scoop, which equates to between 1/4 and ⅓ of a cup. 

If you blend the protein powder with dairy, almond, or soy milk, you’ll get a couple of grams of protein. Most proffee recipes don’t use an entire serving of protein powder, opting for half to ⅔ of a serving instead.

Proffee drinks usually contain between 10 and 20 grams of protein. The average person needs around .8 g of protein per pound of body weight. Therefore 10-20 grams of protein is equivalent to the amount of protein you need for one meal if you follow a three-meal-a-day regimen. 

Should I Make Hot or Cold Profee?

Cold Proffee is the preferred temperature for most drinkers. Protein shakes and drinks are generally consumed cold or at room temperature. Proffee is a half protein shake, half coffee, so it’ll go down quicker and easier cold. Protein powder is intended to mix with room temperature or cold liquids as its chemical composition doesn’t mix well with hot liquids.

When mixed directly with hot liquids, many protein powders become gelatinous or rubbery globs. However, there is a way to prevent this reaction. If you mix protein powder first with a bit of cold water before adding it to hot liquid 

Another alternative is to blend protein powder with milk in a blender or with an emulsifier to ensure a uniform consistency before adding it to a hot liquid.

Making Proffee cold is fool-proof, tasty, and refreshing. Making Proffee with hot coffee requires more effort and preventative measures, but it has the potential to taste good on those cold winter days.

What Do You Need to Make Protein Coffee Drink?

You will need equal parts coffee and protein mixture to make Protein Coffee. The type of coffee and protein is up to you. You can use your favorite coffee beans. Light, medium, and dark roast are all perfect for creating a delicious cup of Proffee. You can also buy your favorite brand of premade cold brew. 

Preparing the Proffee Drink

You’ll need the required equipment to make a cold brew or drip coffee: a cold brewer, drip coffee machine, percolator, French Press, or Moka Pot. For espresso, you’ll need an espresso machine, Keurig, or Nespresso.

You can use any of the following proteins:

  • Vegan
  • Plant-based
  • Whey
  • Collagen

You will need to blend the protein powder with milk or water so that you can choose your preferred milk type: dairy, soy, coconut, or almond. You can also use premade protein shakes to streamline the production of your Proffee. 

If you want a more elaborate Proffee drink, you can use syrups, creamers, milk foam, and sweeteners. 

How to Make Proffee at Home?

If you want a quick and easy way to make Proffee at home, you can explore the following recipe:


1 cup cold brewed coffee

1 cup protein shake or protein powder and milk blend

½ cup ice


  • Place ½ cup of ice in a tall glass.
  • Pour 1 cup of cold-brew coffee into the glass
  • Pour 1 cup of protein shake or milk and protein powder blend into the glass
  • Stir the mixture until combined
  • Add sweeteners, syrups, froth, or creamer to the protein shake to get the desired sweetness or creaminess.
A Cup of Proffee

Where Can I Buy Ready – To – Drink Proffee?

While making Proffee at home is easy and economical, plenty of ready-to-drink proffee drinks are available for purchase. Some come in powder form, while others are bottled drinks with various flavors.

Many premade bottled Proffee drinks are available in the health section of local grocery stores, Starbucks, gyms, GNCs, and sometimes even in convenience stores. Your safest bet for buying ready-to-drink proffee is through an online supplier like Amazon.  


Proffee, or protein coffee, is a fashionable new health trend originating on TikTok. Whether you’re looking to gain muscle, lose weight, or start your day with energy and focus, Proffee’s proclaimed health benefits appeal to various wellness goals.

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