Iced Shaken Espresso

Iced Shaken Espresso

Coffee is essential to many Americans’ morning routines. A plain cup of Joe is great, but sometimes you need to change things. If you are on a budget and are not looking to spend on coffee, try an iced shaken espresso! This delicious drink is cheap and will give you the rush of caffeine you need to wake up in the morning!

What Is an Iced Shaken Espresso?

Coffee brewing is an art that is quickly growing. Starbucks is the largest coffee chain in the world and influences coffee art. They are finding new ways to improve a boring cup of black coffee. 

From pour-overs to espresso drinks, Starbucks has changed the world of coffee. One of their most popular summer drinks is an iced shaken espresso. While the popularity of an iced shaken espresso comes from Starbucks, the drink was not invented by the coffee chain.


An iced shaken espresso stems from an Italian iced espresso drink called a shakerato. A shakerato gets prepared by shaking one shot of espresso in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and simple syrup. It shakes until it reaches a frothy consistency, is strained, and served in a martini glass. 

Starbucks took this idea and ran. Their iced shaken espresso shakes three signature espresso roast shots with large ice cubes. Four pumps of classic syrup give the right touch of sweetness to the refreshing drink. It is made with 2% milk unless otherwise noted. Custom flavors are available for iced shaken espresso drinks at Starbucks.

Glass of Iced Shaken Espresso at Coffee Shop

What Ingredients Do You Need To Make an Iced Shaken Espresso?

Iced shaken espresso drinks are simple beverages to make. They require a cocktail shaker, but other than most households have the ingredients needed to make an iced shaken espresso. The ingredients you need for an iced shaken espresso are listed below.

  • Espresso
  • Simple syrup
  • Ice
  • Milk

Making your own iced shaken espresso drinks at home is a great way to save money. These simple espresso drinks are easy to make and can be a great way to get caffeine in the hot summer months! Some people enjoy an iced shaken espresso in the winter months, too!

How Do You Make a Good Espresso at Home?

Iced shaken espresso drinks are growing in popularity. Most local coffee shops offer this cold, refreshing drink in the summer and winter. They are inexpensive and easy to make and make the coffee shop a profit. 

If they are easy to make, can you make them at home? Yes! Iced shaken espresso drinks are easy to make at home. Most households have the ingredients needed to make an iced shaken espresso. 

The main ingredient that needs to get made at home is espresso. Espresso machines are popular in home goods stores and can get purchased by anyone. You can spend as much money as you want on a good espresso machine, but you do not have to buy the best machine to make good espresso.

If you want to learn the art of coffee brewing, investing in an expensive espresso machine is worth it. If you want to save money and make a few espresso drinks at home, maybe try a cheaper option. This Mr. Coffee espresso machine produces delicious espresso!

How To Make an Iced Shaken Espresso Recipe at Home?

Iced shaken espresso is a great drink to start making at home. Cheap, simple ingredients make an iced shaken espresso a great gateway drink to begin your home coffee art. Simple iced shaken espresso recipes make it easy to skip the line at Starbucks and make delicious iced shaken espresso at home!

There is an abundance of iced shaken espresso copycat recipes. Recipes from an original Italian shakerato to Starbucks iced shaken espresso recipes will have you making delicious iced shaken espresso drinks at home for a fraction of the cost! The trick is getting the right equipment and ingredients to craft the perfect iced shaken espresso.

The great thing about preparing an iced shaken espresso at home is that it is customizable. If you like extra flavor to your iced coffee, throw in a little hazelnut or caramel syrup. If you are allergic to dairy, use your favorite oat milk as a substitute for Starbucks 2% milk.

The recipe followed here makes a simple iced shaken espresso. If you want to make your own customized recipe based on this recipe, the base ingredients for an iced shaken espresso are listed below.

  • Espresso
  • Ice
  • Simple Syrup
  • Milk

These simple ingredients marry perfectly to create the perfect refreshing summer drink. The equipment needed to make an iced shaken espresso is below.

  • Espresso machine or Nespresso
  • Cocktail shaker

If you want to get into the art of coffee, these two pieces of equipment are a good investment. They get used frequently when making espresso drinks.

The espresso in an iced shaken espresso can be any dark roast coffee. If you want it to taste identical to Starbucks iced shaken espresso, use Starbucks Espresso coffee. Simple syrup can be easily made at home by dissolving sugar in water. If you want a twist to your iced shaken espresso, try adding some vanilla or hazelnut syrup.

Starbucks uses 2% milk in its iced shaken espresso drinks. If you want it to taste like Starbucks, use 2% milk. If you have a dairy allergy or have a different favorite milk, try that instead! Large ice cubes made from purified water make the best iced shaken espresso.

To make your iced shaken espresso, first, add three shots of espresso to a cocktail shaker. If you use a Nespresso, use three espresso pods. If you do not have a cocktail shaker, a lid with a tight-fitting lid works.

Add your desired amount of syrup to the cocktail shaker. A Starbucks iced shaken espresso uses four pumps of classic syrup. If you enjoy your drinks with less sweetness, cut back on the simple syrup.

Fill the rest of the cocktail shaker with large ice cubes. Shake the cocktail shaker ten times. This shaking allows bubbles to aerate the espresso and simple syrup. Pour the drink into a cup and add milk. Grab your favorite straw and enjoy!

Preparing Iced Espresso At Home

Is Iced Shaken Espresso the New Cold Brew?

Cold Brew took the coffee world by storm in 2015. This old way of brewing coffee got revamped when Starbucks began selling different flavors of cold brew beverages. Cold brew is still popular, but iced shaken espresso drinks are giving it a run for its money.

Iced shaken espresso is more popular for coffee lovers who own an espresso machine. Cold brew is more accessible to everyday iced coffee lovers because all you need are coffee grinds, a jar, and a refrigerator. An iced shaken espresso takes iced coffee to the next level by aerating espresso.

Why Do You Use The Big Ice Cubes?

The size of the ice cubes is crucial when you make an iced shaken espresso. Larger ice cubes allow more air to enter the espresso and simple syrup combination. The more air in the drink makes a better texture of iced shaken espresso.

Ice made with purified or filtered water will give the iced shaken espresso a better flavor. When the ice starts to melt, you do not want a bad flavor coming from your ice cubes. Large ice cubes made from purified and filtered water will give you the best result for your iced shaken espresso.

How To Make Cold Foam at Home

Adding cold foam to any espresso drink will take it to the next level. Cold foam is thickest when it gets made with skim milk. The larger percent of protein in skim milk compared to whole milk or 2% milk gives it a sturdier foam.

To make homemade cold foam, add skim milk and simple syrup to a tall cup. Use a milk frother to froth the mixture for 15 to 20 seconds. If you want a fun variation, add a hint of vanilla extract to the mixture for vanilla cold foam!


Iced shaken espresso is a fun way to enjoy an iced coffee. Bitter espresso shots are shaken with simple syrup with ice cubes to aerate the espresso for a velvety finish. 

Adding milk or cold foam to the iced shaken espresso makes it a delicious, refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot summer day! Start making iced shaken espresso at home to give your bank account a break from all of your coffee runs!