Iced Americano

Iced Americano

Iced americanos are the colder version of the classic americano beverage. It’s one of the most popular Starbucks drinks; however, it’s most popular in Italy and Latin America. 

Read on to learn more about iced americano, from how it is made to why so many people love it.

What Is an Iced Americano? 

The first thing to know about iced americanos is it’s the same as the classic Americano, except it has ice cubes. So, hot Americanos top the espresso with hot water, while Iced Americanos use cold water. 

An Iced Americano is one of the easiest drinks to make because it’s made with only three ingredients. All you need is ice, cold water, and espresso.  

Iced Americanos are the only non-cream-based coffee, so you must ensure it’s made with espresso. Without espresso, it takes away from the authentic taste of a true Americano. Also, it’s high in caffeine due to the espresso.  

An Iced Americano gives you a jolt of caffeine no matter what time of day you need a boost. In addition, an iced americano is a refreshing coffee beverage on a hot day.   

Iced Americano in A Glass

What Coffee Is Used To Make an Iced Americano 

Espresso is used to make an Iced Americano.

In addition to being a coffee type, espresso is a brewing method that originally came from Italy. In essence, it’s a strong and concentrated form of black coffee. You make espresso by forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee beans, typically using an espresso machine. 

As with many coffee drinks, you use espresso as a base when making an iced americano. Typically, it’s served in small shots, which are more potent, thicker, and higher in caffeine than regular coffee. 

Keep in mind that monitoring your daily intake of caffeine is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Approximately 64 mg of caffeine is in one ounce shot of espresso. 

Caffeine Content of Iced Americano 

The caffeine content depends on how many shots you add to your beverage. 

For recipes, one serving makes 16 ounces. For one serving, you can add between one and three espresso shots depending on how strong you want your iced americano. 

Usually, an iced americano contains 225 mg of caffeine when made in a 16-ounce cup. That’s a very high caffeine strength, so you can modify your recipe to give yourself your desired caffeine content. 

The following are the key factors that affect the caffeine content of certain coffee drinks:

  • Age of the beans 
  • Brewing method 
  • Number of espresso shots 
  • Roast level 
  • Size of the drink 
  • Type of coffee beans 
  • Water-to-coffee ratio 

We have no control over some of these factors and little or no information about when going to a coffee shop. So if you wish to have an Iced Americano exactly to your liking, it’s best to make it at home.

Is Iced Americano Sweet or Bitter-Tasting Notes of an Iced Americano? 

Iced americano is less bitter and acidic than if you used hot water. However, the pressurized grounding of espresso uses hot water, so you taste the crisp acids you expect to taste in coffee. 

However, the cold water in Iced Americano results in up to 66% less bitterness. 

Your iced americano is going to taste like espresso. Espresso is the only ingredient with flavor, so you’ll taste the bold and rich flavor. However, you balance the flavor by adding water. The cold water decreases the intensity of the coffee. 

You can use any roast, including dark, medium, or blonde, to make an iced americano. So, the flavor profiles can differ depending on which roast type is your favorite. 

A blonde roast gives you more caffeine. However, a dark roast is commonly used in an Iced Americano. 

Also, use filtered cold water in your Iced Americano for a better flavor profile. You can use a water filter or chilled bottled water for the best-iced americano flavor. 

Preparing Iced Americano with Moka Pot

How Do You Make an Iced Americano? 

You can make an iced americano in three easy steps. 

It’s a simple drink you can make at home, but you must have a good espresso machine. If you do not have it, you can go in for a Moka Pot.

The first step is to add water to the cup. 

Next, add the espresso to the cold water. Generally, people use two shots of espresso in their iced americano. 

You can make a properly iced americano by adding espresso after the water. It’s because you get crema on the surface of your drink. Also, hot espresso is what you start with, and it’s instantly cooled down when it’s added to cold water. 

The final step is to add ice to the cup. Be sure to stir until the espresso and water are well combined. 

Also, you can make coffee ice cubes to ensure your iced americano doesn’t get watered down if you don’t drink it all. 

Is Iced Americano Just Black Coffee? 

An Iced Americano is not just a black coffee. 

The difference between an iced americano and black coffee comes from their brewing method and the type of coffee grounds used. 

Black coffee drips into a coffee machine, while espresso for an Americano is made with espresso beans and hot water. As a result, you roast espresso beans for longer and ground finer than regular coffee beans.

Also, you brew black coffee or let it drip into a mug as the coffee base. Americano uses espresso shots which are then added to hot water. 

Is Iced Americano With Milk? 

Traditionally, an Iced Americano doesn’t contain milk. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add it to your Iced Americano. 

You can add milk or various flavors to your iced americano, depending on your preference and palette. If you want to add a sweetener, the syrup is the best option because it dissolves in cold water. 

Iced Americano with Milk

Here are the top syrups added to iced americanos: 

  • Caramel syrup 
  • Simple syrup 
  • Vanilla syrup  

So, even though an Iced Americano doesn’t have milk, you can easily put milk in if you want to. 

In addition, heavy whipping cream is the best milk option because it makes your Iced Americano smooth and doesn’t take away from the flavor. 

Why Is Iced Americano So Popular in Korea? 

According to Businesskorea, The Korean National Council of Consumer Organizations announced that South Korea has the second highest consumption of coffee in the world. 

Fourth Estate reported that the Americano is Korea’s most-ordered coffee drink. 

The iced americano is popular in Korea because people drink at least one cup of coffee daily. According to Fourth Estate, 67.2% of students in Korea said they drink coffee for caffeine. In their opinion, they need to be awake and alert for their schoolwork. 

In addition, iced americanos are popular in Korea because of the high caffeine content. There’s also a lower price because it’s easier to make than most drinks. 


The iced americano may not be the most well-known coffee beverage worldwide, but it’s the perfect easy-to-make cold beverage on a hot day.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of iced americano or recently inspired to give it a try, we hope this guide has helped you better understand it and what makes it different from other coffee products.

In the comments below, let us know your thoughts on iced americano. And if you liked this article, share it with your friends.

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