How to reset nespresso vertuo

How to reset nespresso vertuo

The beauty of using a Nespresso Vertuo machine is the flexibility and adaptability to your custom-made options. You can make numerous adjustments and settings, like changing the brew volume. If you wish to use or try other settings on the machine, learn how to reset Nespresso Vertuo.

Nespresso Vertuo Machines

Nespresso offers different coffee machines. You can choose any of its quality products depending on the size and style you need.

Here are some types to choose from:

Vertuo Next

The most common reason people go for a factory reset in Vertuo Next is to re-customize their settings. Others have a problem with the brewing machine after maintenance or descaling. Resetting your Vertuo back to factory settings allows you to explore other excellent functions or settings that may suit your coffee-making.

Vertuo Plus

If you are bored or dissatisfied with your current settings in your Nespresso Vertuo Plus, consider a reset. Resetting allows you to customize the aroma and type of coffee you brew. Though the factory settings may not make you your preferred cup of coffee, you’ll have a chance to readjust the settings for a proper cup. 

Vertuo Plus Deluxe

The Vertuo Plus and Vertuo Plus Deluxe often don’t differ too much in their operations and functionality. The structure of these machines is almost similar save for a few features like the adjustable cup holder and the descaling function. It gives you a perfect cup of coffee that’s restaurant quality.


Resetting the Vertuoline machine helps you clear some errors in programming or functionality. Also, you get to try out new settings and adjustments to improve your cup of coffee. The Vertuoline machine has a straightforward process of resetting it.

Nespresso Evoluo

The large water reservoir in the Nespresso Evoluo makes it popular among coffee lovers. You can brew more cups of different coffee types without too much hassle. Resetting it could seem a complex process because of its capabilities.

Why Reset Your Nespresso Vertuo Machine

Nespresso machines have a specific command to brew pods to a specific size over a pre-set time. You can adjust this program to suit the needed amount of coffee.

Nespresso Creatista and Lattisima allow customizing settings, including temperature.

Restores Settings

If you are still unhappy with the Nespresso Vertuo settings after changing them, then a reset should do the trick. You’ll get the machine back to its original settings.

Fixes Machine Errors

Nespresso Vertuo machines get errors and fail to function. For instance, the alert lights remain on after the cleaning cycle or descaling. These can be blinking orange, splashing/solid white, or red light alerts. In this case, a reset will fix the issue. But beware of your customized settings disappearing.

Ejects Used Capsules

Ensure your machine is on before you start the process. Next, you should check on any used capsules. Open the machine head ad remove it if you find any used capsules. Close the machine once done but leave the lever in an ‘Unlock’ position.

Makes Your Work Easy

The large water reservoir in the Nespresso Evoluo makes it popular among coffee lovers. You can brew more cups of different coffee types without too much hassle. Resetting it could seem a complex process because of its capabilities. But it has a similar approach in every Nespresso machine, including Vertuo Next, albeit with minor changes.

It’s a Quick/Time-Saving Process

Resetting the Next machine is a straightforward process that shouldn’t take more than 3 – 5 mins. However, ensure you always close back the head after ejecting the capsules. 

You should also monitor the LED lights’ feedback when resetting. Differently colored feedback could indicate other issues in the Next machine. Also, mind your settings when using it immediately after a reset.

Sometimes, your Next machine will require a reset after descaling. You should wait for at least 10 minutes before starting the reset process to allow it to dry. The reset process should be as per the mentioned steps.

Descaling is a common reason for most factory resets. It’s a recommended process that could enhance your coffee brewing with your Nespresso machine.

How To Reset Nespresso VertuoLine Machine

Resetting the Vertuo machine helps you clear some errors in programming or functionality. Also, you get to try out new settings and adjustments to improve your cup of coffee. 

1. Turn Off Machine

Like the Vertuo Plus, you switch off this machine by pushing the lever down for about 3 seconds. This lever helps you work the brewing capsules into the machine. The LED light should help you know if you’ve turned off the machine. You shouldn’t have any active light or color from the LED lights. 

2. Eject Used Capsules

Ensure your coffee maker is on before ejecting the coffee capsules. Open the machine head to remove any used capsules. Then, close the head but leave it in an ‘unlock’ position for the reset. 

3. Press the Button

Press the button five times in 3 seconds until the orange LED light blinks five times to signify the process is complete. Your device is back to factory settings and ready for use.

Don’t be in a hurry to get it working again but consider the current factory settings before brewing your coffee. Sometimes, you may need to adjust accordingly and customize its usage.

4. Resetting the Machine After Descaling

The reset process after descaling should help you restore its functionality without errors. It’s common to find program issues after descaling or routine maintenance.

How To Reset a Nespresso Vertuo Next Machine

The first option to learn how to reset your Vertuo Next is using your user manual. Usually, you’ll find detailed instructions on the process. However, if you can’t trace your manual, look into these steps when resetting your Vertuo Next. 

1. Restart the Machine

First, restart your Next machine by switching it off where you hold the lever down for three seconds. Leave it off for a few seconds before turning it on. 

2. Eject Any Coffee Capsules in the Machine From the Head

Next, open the machine head and eject any used coffee capsules to set you up for restart. It frees up the machine for subsequent procedures or adjustments. 

3. Close the Head 

After removing the capsules, close the head but leave the handle/lever unlocked.

4. Press and Hold the Button

Now your Nespresso Next is ready for the factory reset. Press the button about five times in 3 seconds until the LED light turns orange and then blinks approximately 5 times. The light should then turn to a steady white to show the machine has been reset. 

Once your machine is back to factory settings, it’s advisable to check and adjust the settings again before you brew coffee in it. 

How To Reset Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The Vertuo Plus and Vertuo Plus Deluxe often don’t differ too much in their operations and functionality. Follow these steps when resetting your Vertuo Plus. 

1. Turn Off Machine

To turn off the machine, push down the lever for 3 seconds. Find the lever at the top of the machine – the lever that facilitates the insertion or removal of the coffee capsules. The LED indicator should power down to indicate the machine is off. 

2. Push Down and Press the Lever

Then, press the button while pushing down the lever for around 3 seconds to enter factory settings mode. The LED light should turn orange while in this mode. Press the lever three times to select the ‘Factory reset mode.’ 

In this mode, the LED light should start blinking orange. Then, press the button once for the orange LED light to flash three times in 3 seconds before finally turning green to show the process is complete. 

3. Resetting the Machine After Descaling

If you want to reset the device after descaling, check on the LED lights to ensure the process is complete. 

The lights should stop blinking and become steady. Then, follow the reset process for the Vertuo Plus machine.

Additional Tips on Keeping Your Nespresso Vertuo Working Properly

A routine clean-up will always maintain optimum performance in any Nespresso Vertuo machine. But that alone may not resolve every issue.

Here are some additional tips to consider:

Reprogram the Machine

A new Nespresso Vertuo machine comes pre-programmed. It delivers a specific amount of water to make a perfect mug of coffee. But, instead of going with the factory default settings, re-calibrate the machine to customize your coffee taste.

  • Here is how you reprogram your machine:
  • Place your mug beneath the machine’s sprout
  • Insert your preferred capsule
  • Press, hold the machine’s brew button
  • Let the button go once you get the amount of drink you want

Prime and Warm-Up the Machine Before Use

You’ll simply need to brew up warm water through the machine before the capsule. This way, you heat up the capsule contact points and remove old residues.

Warming the machine components appropriately eases pod piercing. It also regulates the coffee flow, enhancing a smoother pour. As a result, you’ll get more coffee with incredible taste.

Use Filtered Water

The water you use can either improve or spoil your specialty coffee taste. Bottled water is usually the right quality for making coffee in a Nespresso Vertuo machine. But, if it’s an expensive option, invest in a water filter jug.

Filtering your water before it gets to the tank reduces limescale build-up in your Nespresso Vertuo machine.


Learning how to reset a Nespresso Vertuo Machine is a simple process. Most machines outline the steps in the manual. However, this article covers the reset in most types of the Nespresso Vertuo. These tips will come through when handling a new or old model. Leave a comment below and share this article if you like it.

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