Gold Coffee

Gold Coffee

Coffee isn’t just an addictive caffeine boost but a culinary art form that is a tradition in nearly every culture around the world. This mighty bean encompasses countless varieties, leading to multiple brewing methods and tempting drinks. 

Gold coffee is one of the newest varieties on the market, quickly becoming one of the most popular. Below, we’ll define gold coffee, explore its characteristics, and cover how to make a cup at home.

What is Gold Coffee?

Founded by the coffee roasting company Golden Ratio, Gold Coffee is a proprietary blend of three single-origin coffee beans from Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Brazil. The beans undergo a unique roasting process that results in a super

light cup of coffee with a golden hue.

The coffee may look like tea, but it has all the properties of a cup of joe. The unique roasting process eliminates acidity and enhances the rich flavor of the coffee beans. Golden Ratio offers Gold Coffee in different flavors along with the plain, original blend.

Gold Coffee comes in tea-bag-looking pouches, so they also involve a different brewing process.

What is the Difference Between Gold Coffee and Regular Coffee?

Gold Coffee differs from regular coffee in many ways, from taste and aroma to roasting. Read on to learn more about gold coffee and regular coffee key differences. 

Roasting Process

The roasting process is the fundamental difference between gold coffee and regular coffee. It is a fusion of light and dark roasts that manages to draw the strengths from each form of regular coffee with none of their weaknesses. 

Light roast coffee roasts beans at a high temperature for a short time, which results in a fruity and floral flavor palate that’s high in acidity. 

Dark roast coffee roasts the beans at high temperatures for long periods, resulting in a more full-bodied mouth feel and a rich yet bitter flavor palate with low acidity. 

In contrast to the light and dark roast coffee, Gold Coffee beans are slow-roasted at very low temperatures. The goal of roasting coffee beans at low temperatures for long periods is to enhance the brightness of coffee flavors while mitigating both the acidity and the bitterness.


The taste of Gold Coffee is unlike any cup of coffee you’ll ever encounter. Its transparency may appear to yield a watered-down flavor palate, but looks are deceiving. Before the taste hits you, you get a full-bodied and silky mouthfeel.

The buttery smooth consistency yields a really interesting flavor profile that doesn’t taste like coffee or tea but instead a fusión of the two.

The finish has no acidity whatsoever, resembling an earl gray or green tea. It had a distinct nuttiness that veered more towards coffee, yet there was no bitterness or brightness. 

The flavor palate was nutty and herbal, with a buttery and rich mouthfeel. If you like the taste of coffee, whether it’s floral and fruity or bitter and toasty, you won’t get either with Gold Coffee. Still, its novel taste was a refreshing change of pace from the typical cup of coffee.


Caffeine content is nearly as important as taste for most coffee drinkers as we rely on its caffeine content to make it through the mornings and afternoons. Gold Coffee has a vastly different taste, mouthfeel, and color from regular coffee, but it’s still coffee.

Thus, in terms of caffeine content, Gold Coffee is on par with your average cup of coffee. One 8 oz cup of Gold Coffee from one coffee pouch has approximately 100 mg of caffeine. An 8 oz cup of regular coffee has 96 mg of caffeine. 

You can delight in a tasty yet delicate cup of Gold Coffee and still get that euphoric pick-me-up high to fuel your day.


Gold Coffee’s aroma is very different from regular coffee’s intense toasty, earthy aromas. With Gold Coffee, you get aroma notes of chocolate and nuts. There’s no more tantalizing smell than freshly brewed coffee, but chocolate and nuts are still a worthy scent to wake up for.

How to Brew a Cup of Gold Coffee?

Below, we’ll give instructions on how to brew a cup of hot and cold Gold Coffee. As mentioned above, Gold Coffee comes in pouches like tea. 

However, they’re twice the size of a normal tea bag, which means they pack a more powerful flavor and caffeine kick. Gold Coffee comes with instructions for brewing printed on the container of pouches.

Whether you want a cold brew or a hot cup, both processes are incredibly easy and hands-off, requiring no fancy machinery.

Hot Cup of Gold Coffee

Golden Ratio recommends you make the Original Blend hot and not cold, while the flavored blends taste great hot and cold. To brew a single cup of Gold Coffee, simply bring 8 oz of water to a boil, drop a bag of Gold Coffee, and let it steep for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes.

Just like tea, the longer you let it steep, the stronger the coffee will taste. 

Cold Brew Gold Coffee

Cold Brew Gold Coffee tastes especially delicious with its flavored blends like vanilla coconut and Chai tea. It requires the same ratio of one coffee pouch per 8 oz of water, but you let it steep in cold water in the fridge for 12-18 hours.


Gold Coffee is a slow-roasted coffee blend that looks like tea, has as much caffeine as coffee, and is in a taste category of its own. If you’re looking to venture out of the daily coffee grind and try something new, Gold Coffee will give you an energy boost with a novel flavor, aroma, and consistency. If you found the list helpful, let us know in the comments, and please share it.

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