Coffee Spoon

Coffee Spoon

Coffee is an integral part of millions of people’s morning routines. Whether it comes from a pot at home, a local coffee shop, or a drive-thru, the morning cup of joe offers the energy needed to tackle the day.

Coffee preparation can change the taste and appearance of your cup of coffee, and many coffee enthusiasts choose to use a coffee spoon in their cups. 

But what are coffee spoons, and do people use them frequently? Let’s find out more about these uncommon kitchen utensils. 

What Are Coffee Spoons?

Coffee spoons are small spoons made for stirring coffee. Commonly found in sets of six, these spoons are smaller than a teaspoon and have a signature coffee bean-shaped head. Coffee spoons originated in the Art Deco era and have nostalgia attached to them. 

After Prohibition, the popularity of coffee quickly grew. Manufacturers noticed this surge in coffee popularity and began mass-producing silver coffee spoons. Coffee spoons are rare today unless they are part of a set of dishes. 

The purpose of a coffee spoon is to stir the cream and sugar added to an after-dinner cup of coffee. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Coffee Spoons?

Coffee spoons have long handles on top of their small bean-shaped heads. These long handles allow you to stir your coffee without getting your hand wet. When coffee is served hot, so these handles prevent unwanted burns. 

Other benefits of using a coffee spoon include reaching the bottom of a tall coffee mug because of the long handle. Teaspoons or regular spoons do not have the reach that a coffee spoon has. This lack of length leads to sugar or cream not being distributed throughout the coffee.

What Are Tea Spoons?

Tea spoons are more popular than coffee spoons. They are similar to coffee spoons but are larger and have shorter handles. They are interchangeably used to stir tea and coffee with a coffee spoon.

Tea spoons have risen in popularity with their use as a measurement in cooking and baking. A teaspoon is a unit of measure about ⅓ of a tablespoon. It ranges between 0.085 to 0.247 US fluid ounces. Some long-handled teaspoons are for eating ice cream or desserts. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Tea Spoons?

Tea spoons are convenient when stirring tea or other hot drinks, and they work especially well for tea cups because of their short handles. A long-handled spoon like a coffee spoon would be too big and awkward to stir a cup of tea, and it would be like using a straw made for a large drink in a small drink!

Teaspoons in baking and cooking allow for precise measurements. Without a teaspoon, you would have to guess how much one-third of a tablespoon is with eyesight. This guessing would result in inaccurate measurements, causing recipes to fail. Teaspoons are great for measuring things like baking soda, salt, and extracts. 

What Do Coffee Spoons and Teaspoons Have in Common?

Both coffee spoons and teaspoons are everyday utensils in the food and beverage industry and are used to stir hot beverages. A coffee spoon is a smaller version of a tea spoon, and the shape of a tea spoon and a coffee spoon are similar.

The material used to make both coffee spoons and tea spoons are similar. They are commonly made out of silver, stainless steel, or plastic. Teaspoons and coffee spoons are valuable pieces of cutlery, especially when made from silver.

Both coffee spoons and teaspoons have a rich history, making them collectible items. Their collectibility is what makes coffee spoons and teaspoons so valuable today. The precious metals used to make them and the history behind them make them sought-after collectibles. 

What Is the Main Difference Between Coffee Spoons and Teaspoons?

Even with so many similarities, coffee spoons and teaspoons also have some differences. The main difference is that coffee spoons are not a unit of measurement; cooking and baking recipes rely on the teaspoon measurement to correctly execute the recipe. 

Coffee spoons occasionally measure coffee grounds, but otherwise, their primary purpose is to stir coffee and other espresso drinks. 

Coffee spoons are less popular than teaspoons. They are sold in special sets of dishes for use during a fancy dinner; thus, many save them for special occasions. 

Coffee spoons also have longer handles than teaspoons, allowing them to reach the bottom of a tall coffee mug. 


Coffee spoons have a rich history but are fairly uncommon during daily life. Coffee spoons are used to stir coffee and tea beverages, but many save them for special occasions. 

Coffee spoons and tea spoons are similar in size and function, but teaspoons are more popular because of their use in measurement. 

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