Chemex Coffee Ratio

Chemex Coffee Ratio

What is a Chemex coffee maker, and why is the Chemex coffee ratio important?

Made from high-quality products, the unique design of Chemex coffeemakers ensures the perfect delicious cup of coffee every time. With a long history backed by science, you can find the Chemex brand in museums around the country. 

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about using Chemex Coffee Maker.

What Is a Chemex Brewer?

A Chemex brewer has to be one of the most incredible and unique coffee makers. You’ll see many videos and Instagram posts of people using them, and the presentation is elegant and straightforward. 

The Chemex brewing device appears as part of a scientist’s lab. A German chemist by the name of Dr. Peter J. Schlumbohm founded Chemex. He put together the mechanism using two lab instruments and a piece of wood material. 

Today, Chemex is more than 75 years old, still, family owned and operated, and made in the USA. 

The coffee maker is one of the original types of pour-over devices. Chemex consists of a few components:

  • Glass: The device itself is the shape of a tapered hourglass if you cut the top of it off. The top half is the shape of a glass funnel, giving the filter a perfect fit.
  • Wooden belt: Around the middle of the glass flask is a wooden belt with a string. The wooden material helps you hold the device without burning yourself from hot coffee.
  • Chemex filter: Chemex filters are thick, long, and in the shape of a funnel. The filters help filter out any chemicals and unwanted compounds from coffee.

Brewing Coffee With a Chemex Recipe?

Let’s take a closer look at how to use a Chemex to make the perfect cup of coffee. 

Prepare your area before you start brewing coffee with your Chemex. Gather all the necessary parts and components for the brewing process. Brewing coffee with a Chemex is hassle-free. You can brew the cleanest cup of coffee in a few simple steps: 

Step 1: Grab your coffee supplies and set up the brewing station.

Step 2: Boil some water using a kettle or other water boiling device. 

Step 3: Prepare your Chemex by placing the filter paper inside the coffee maker. 

Step 4: Weigh out the amount of coffee beans as per your preferred Chemex ratio and prepare the grind size up to a medium coarse consistency.

Step 5: Wet the filter with boiling water and discard the water.

Step 6: Add the ground coffee to the filter with a little hot water to allow them to bloom.

Step 7: Add the hot water to the Chemex by slowly pouring it in circles and wetting all the grounds in the coffee bed.

Step 8: Allow the water to drain through the filter before adding the rest.

Step 9: Pour your Chemex into your favorite coffee cup and enjoy the best-tasting coffee ever.

Not only is it an elegant process of brewing coffee using a Chemex, but it is also fun. Chemex coffee brewing allows you full control over the process, unlike brewing coffee with an electric coffee maker. 

If you are using a Chemex for the first time, you will see what an enjoyable and exciting experience it is to brew the perfect cup of coffee every time. But, as with all coffee brewing processes, you shouldn’t skip any parts of the process and do everything manually. 

From choosing the right beans and grinding them yourself to hand pouring the water over your coffee device, every cup tastes better and cleaner. 

When pouring water over the Chemex, the filter could easily slip if you don’t hold it properly. Locate the number 3 on the filter and hold it as you pour the first part of the water over the grounds.

You can remove any unnecessary paper taste by pouring hot water over your paper before the coffee. Remember, empty the Chemex of the initial water before adding the grounds and starting the brewing process. 

Now, you’re ready to start brewing with a Chemex.

Adjusting the Chemex Brew To Meet Your Needs

You now know what it takes to brew a Chemex cup of joe. What else is essential when using this device? 

There are many Chemex devices with slight differences in appearance, and most of them will include brewing processes similar to that of any Chemex. 

Depending on how much coffee you want to drink per session, you’ll want to find the right size Chemex. You should choose the right size device that fits your situation. Chemex sizes are available in 3-cup, 6-cup, 8-cup, 10-cup, and 13-cup. 

If you’re always on the move and brew coffee in a small place, you might want to consider a smaller Chemex. A single-cup Chemex might just be ideal for your moving lifestyle. 

Maybe you have a long-term place to call home. If so, consider buying a medium to large Chemex, as it will save you time in brewing coffee multiple times a day.

You should also find the right coffee bean to your liking. The most important part is to choose medium coarse-grind coffee, no matter which roast and coffee flavor you choose. 

What Is the Right Coffee-to-Water Ratio for a Chemex?

Water to coffee ratio is crucial whether you brew coffee using an electric coffee machine or a simple-to-use device such as a Chemex. 

So, how much water should I use per so much coffee grounds? The simple answer is that there is no single ratio, and it all depends on the coffee drinker. 

On average, 1:15 is a good ratio to follow. For every 1 gram of coffee, add 15 grams of water. Fifteen grams of coffee will give you about 1 cup of coffee. 

You should try to stick with this standard rule of thumb when choosing a coffee-to-water ratio. It is okay to add a few grams extra of water; it all comes down to your taste in coffee. 

Adding extra water will produce a weaker coffee. Your coffee could sucker punch you with an explosion of strength and bitterness if you don’t add enough water per gram of coffee.

It is important to make your coffee as perfect as possible. A consistent coffee-to-water ratio close to 1:15 will help your coffee taste perfectly daily. 

What Is the Right Grind for My Coffee in My Chemex?

We have deeply explored what a Chemex is, how to brew coffee with a Chemex, and using the right water-to-coffee ratio. 

Now that we know how to brew a cup of coffee with a Chemex, there is one last thing to talk about; coffee grinds. Why should you use medium coarse grounds?

Choosing the right grind is vital when brewing your next cup with a simple coffee maker. If you use the wrong coffee grind, the water can pass through the grounds and filter too quickly or slowly, changing the taste of your coffee.

Medium coarse grounds are the perfect consistency for all Chemex devices. The truth is that the water will flow through the grounds at the perfect rate with medium coarse grinds. The right coarse grind will allow the water to extract the oils, flavors, and intensity for every cup of coffee. 

Why Does the Water Filter Through My Coffee So Quickly?

As mentioned in the section above, water might filter through your coffee grounds too quickly. When your hot water begins to filter through your coffee quickly, there is a problem. 

The problem could stem from your coffee filter, but it is unlikely, as many filters are similar. The problem most likely lies in your coffee grind. 

Always use medium coarse grounds if you use a Chemex to brew coffee. Medium coarse grounds are slightly chunky but yet smooth, and the medium coarse texture allows hot water to flow through at a medium rate. 

A good rule of thumb to follow is:

  • A course grind will require more time for extraction. If the brew time is short, the coffee will be under-extracted
  • If the grind is fine, the brewing time should be less. Longer brew time will produce an over-extracted brew.

With a Chemex, you should aim for a brewing time of 4 to 4.5 minutes.

Brewing with a Chemex doesn’t have to be difficult, and the simplicity of this coffee device makes coffee brewing more exciting. 

Chemex coffee brewing is one of the older methods still around today. If you use the right water-to-coffee ratio and coarse coffee grinds, your coffee will taste clean and better than ever every time. 

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