Bon Bon Cafe

Bon Bon Cafe

As coffee lovers, we know you’re always looking for a new drink. We got it covered with a sweet and creamy concoction called Bon Bon Café. We’ll explore the origins of Bon Bon Café in this guide, how to make it at home, and even some variations on the classic recipe.

A Glass of Cafe Bonbon

1. The Origin Of Bon Bon Caf’e

Many coffee drinks like Bon Bon Café originated in Spain and quickly spread worldwide. Similar recipes are native to Singapore and Thailand, but the Spanish use espresso instead of ground coffee, making Bon Bon Café unique.

This coffee drink, also known as Café Bombón, originated from Costa del Azahar, a tiny coastal community in eastern Spain.

The Bon Bon Café may have started in Costa del Azahar, but it gained popularity in Valencia and the Orange Blossom Coast, a beachfront town on the Mediterranean. You can order an authentic Bon Bon Café if you visit Spain.

2. The Iconic Look Of The Drink

One of the most iconic things about Bon Bon Café is its almost gourmet dessert appearance. 

You can serve Bon Bon Café in clear glass to see the distinct layers. It is strong and highly caffeinated, so you typically use a small espresso cup.

Cafe Bonbon cup

The glass lets you see the layers of condensed milk, espresso, and frothed milk. you can use a spoon to stir the drink and combine the flavors. Make the froth layer thick and creamy to enhance the drink’s visual appeal.

3. How Do You Serve Bon Bon Café?

Bon Bon Cafés are all about presentation, and the drink has three layers. Pour the ingredients in the correct order for aesthetic appeal. 

One of the hallmarks of Bon Bon Café is the iconic glass you serve it in. Choose a short, clear glass espresso cup, and serve the drink with a plate and spoon.

Typically, you serve Bon Bon Café at room temperature. The espresso is hot, but the canned milk brings the drink down to a lower temperature. Add ice and a straw for a refreshing drink on a hot day.

4. How To Make Bon Bon Café At Home

Making Bon Bon Café at home is easier than you might think. Start by opening up a can of sweetened condensed milk. Mix it to eliminate clumps.

Next, brew a shot of espresso. You can use any coffee brand you like, but we recommend using a concentrated espresso mix for maximum flavor.

Pour four teaspoons of condensed milk into a cup. Add one ounce of brewed espresso. For a cold Bon Bon Café, add ice to the concoction.

Heat two tablespoons of milk in a pan and froth it, then add the foamy milk to your glass. And voila! You have your homemade Bon Bon Café.

Barista preparing Bon Bon Caf'e

5. Variations Of The Drink

Bon Bon Café has endless variations. Some people like mixing in a dash of vanilla or caramel syrup to the beverage to add an extra layer of sweetness. Others add a shot of flavored liqueur to the mix to give it a little kick.

One of the most popular variations is to add sugar to the espresso. The result is a creamy and sweet drink perfect for those who love their coffee with an extra kick of sweetness.

Consider swapping out the milk foam for whipped cream, or cool whip can turn the traditional drink into a dessert recipe.

6. Can You Add Alcohol To Bon Bon Café?

Yes, you can add alcohol to Bon Bon Café. Given the layered nature of the drink, there are several ways to make your Bon Bon Café alcoholic. 

The easiest way to add alcohol to Bon Bon Café is to pour a liqueur such as Baileys or Kahlua shot and mix it with the espresso. Then, pour the mix over the condensed milk and proceed with the recipe.

Alcohol is a tasty addition to Bon Bon Café. However, be careful not to overdo it, as the sweetened condensed milk already makes the drink rich and high in calories.

Cafe bonbon in a glass

7. How To Make The Froth

Bon Bon Café wouldn’t be complete without the milk froth! Fortunately, it’s easy to make, and you don’t need fancy appliances.

You can whip up milk froth almost instantly with a whisk or fork or blend it in a food processor. Start by pouring whole milk or a non-dairy substitute into a microwave-safe container. Heat the milk for about 20 seconds, then whisk or blend it until frothy. The milk will get frothy in seconds!

If you make a lot of Bon Bon Café drinks, you might consider investing in a milk frother. Milk frothers create an instant foamy texture that’s smoother and creamier than other frothing techniques.


Bon Bon Café is a delicious and refreshing drink perfect for coffee lovers who like their drinks on the sweet side. With this guide, you can make Bon Bon Café at home and experiment with different variations to find your perfect recipe. 

Try the recipe today and see why everybody loves Bon Bon Café!

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